Boggle Bash: Bringing a Classic Family Favorite to an Online Social Space

This game has been a classic family staple since it first came out in 1972 under Parker Brothers. At the time, Hasbro was rebranding the physical game, and wanted an online game based off of the new updated look and style of the hardware. I jumped at the chance to bring an educational game I played endlessly as a kid with my friends and family.

This version is the first of its kind for Boggle. Layered on top of classic Boggle gameplay is also simultaneous competitive play, collaborative team goals, an in game dictionary accessible with the results of your last round, and a new Panic Flip feature.

I was not only able to capture the feel and fun of the classic game, but also establish a dynamic new online style and presence that was well received by Hasbro and players of all ages. It continues to be updated and ported to other platforms to this day.

Roles: UX, UI Designer, Principle Artist & Animator

Boggle Bash on EA.com: www.ea.com/boggle-bash

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