The Diner Dash Games on iOS: Doubling Down on Delight

Pioneering time management games on mobile and tablet platforms.

I came on to Playfirst just as they decided to update the entire mobile library of Dinertown games to work on the iPhone 3GS at the very dawn of mobile game development. This included the well known hit Diner Dash, Cooking Dash, Wedding Dash, Hotel Dash, Parking Dash and a few others. My role involved assessing and learning first hand what mobile best practices were, as well as how to work in the notion of a live game with in-app purchasing. Retina and Game Center became a reality soon as well. Because of the reality of the screen size, we gave players new, whimsical ways to play their old favorites while showcasing exciting new art and mobile features.

One of the most exciting things I have done in my career is to create an iPad launch title. We were told the dimensions and the capabilities of the new platform, which we were to showcase with a Dash game built from scratch. Apple, being always secretive, didn’t give us a hardware prototype as companies often do, so we used a lot of paper prototyping. Diner Dash: Grilling green found fun ways to incorporate multi touch, gestural gameplay, and the ability to rotate the screen to both landscape and portrait orientation, all pulled together in less than 3 months! Apple liked it so much that it was featured on the front screen of the in-store demo iPads.

Roles: UX, UI Design, Lead Artist

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